Risk Management


Gold Star Safety & Risk can assist any organisation to coordinate activities to direct and control in regard to risk. Risk management allows your business to forecast and evaluate business risks together with the identification of procedures to avoid or minimise their impact.


Utilising an existing risk assessment tool during a team based risk assessment process or developing a complete risk assessment package using AS/NZS 31000:2009 as a guideline can assist organisations to adapt to meet specific requirements.


Our advisors undertake a thorough review and produce a quality report including recommendations for improvement from the team based risk assessment process.

Team based risk assessments enable your organisation to:
  • Identify potential hazards that workers could be exposed to in all aspects of your business and organisational conduct.
  • Assess hazards using risk management principles that will identify corporate risk exposure such as:
    • Potential personal harm
    • Equipment damage
    • Process loss due to delays
    • Community issues
  • Implement controls and measures using the Hierarchy of Controls as a guide to effectively eliminate or manage those risks to as low as reasonably practicable [ALARP]

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