Privacy Policy

Gold Star Privacy Policy

In line with the Australian Privacy Act 1988, Gold Star Safety & Risk Pty Ltd operates according to a strict policy that covers privacy and security on the internet and in our offline business practices. Gold Star Safety & Risk complies with the 13 Australian Privacy Principles contained within the act.

Collection of Personal Information

Gold Star Safety & Risk needs to collect personal information for the purposes of performing business transactions. This information is collected with your knowledge and consent, and includes:


Information relevant to permitting Gold Star Safety & Risk to undertake works as stipulated in the relevant Agreement

  • Your business name, ABN, business addresses, and contact information
  • Any service-specific information, including technical and business specifications/certifications
  • Insurance information
Gold Star Safety & Risk
  • Is committed to ensuring the privacy of all information obtained in the course of business
  • Have procedures in place to ensure all information is handled with the required sensitivity and confidentiality
  • Have established standards for the collection, access, storage & use of information which we obtain as part of our business operation

Contact Details

Postal Address: PO Box 828

Littlehampton, SA 5250