Community & Sustainability Policy


Gold Star Safety & Risk is committed to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and industry codes and works to demonstrate personal commitment through the understanding of our obligations to the community and the environment.


Gold Star Safety & Risk aims to limit its impact on the environment through efficient use of resources and by ensuring environmentally sound options, methods and technology are included in our services to our clients and stakeholders.


Gold Star Safety & Risk will make positive contribution to the community in which we work and live. As a partnership we can provide tangible benefits through active participation in local community programs. As consultants we have the necessary skills to fulfil our community / environmental obligations.


Gold Star Safety & Risk respects all forms of indigenous and non-indigenous heritage and endeavours to recognize and promote opportunities in its activities for indigenous people.


Gold Star Safety & Risk aims to set the highest standard of environmental diligence in the industries in which we operate.


The responsibility of ensuring commitment to this policy rests with the Directors of Gold Star Safety & Risk

Contact Details

Postal Address: PO Box 828

Littlehampton, SA 5250