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About Gold Star Safety & Risk Pty Ltd

At Gold Star Safety and Risk Pty Ltd we believe Safety is an inherent part of doing business. With a focus on assisting all clients to reach industry standards and beyond, Gold Star Safety & Risk strives to ensure strong communication and collaborative practice results in robust system development, compliance and support in all areas of safety and risk service provision.


Gold Star Safety & Risk offer a range of services including auditing, WHS system development, technical document writing, consulting, advising along with training to equip companies to operate safely, strive to meet compliance and remain incident free.


Collective expertise for over 45 years in work place health and safety, combined with diverse industry experience ensures Gold Star Safety & Risk provides effective solutions for organisations of any size and operation. A high level of commitment to proceduralisation and compliance, coupled with expert knowledge and integrity will ensure your organisation can achieve operational excellence whilst maintaining legislative requirements which are captured within sound business practice.


Gold Star Safety & Risk Consultants have the skills to critically examine your Safety Management Systems, identify potential gaps and provide practical, cost effective solutions to overcome identified shortfalls.

Gold Star Safety & Risk Team

Gary Mounsey

Working Director Gary Mounsey has 35 years’ industry experience working in key management positions as well as having practical hands on experience. Gary has worked extensively in mining and construction, as well as health and aged care including experience with the government regulator.


His roles include external and internal auditing, development of OH&S and competency-based training systems, mine site mobilisations, review and development of safety management systems and critical accident investigation. Gary is an accredited Federal Safety Officer in accordance with the BCII Act 2005.

Mobile: 0400 008 150

International: +61 400 008 450

Kym Mitchell

Working Director Kym Mitchell has over 25 years’ experience on all types of Construction, Mining and Offshore projects on both major green and brown field sites.


His roles include every operational aspect of project work using a systematic pro-active approach with a strong emphasis on advanced communication, negotiation and problem solving skills through the development of safety systems and implementation, critical incident investigation, behavioural-based safety, auditing, risk management and major hazard facilities.


Kym has had previous experience with the government regulator and is an accredited Federal Safety Officer in accordance with the BCII Act 2005.

Mobile: 0428 888 470

International: +61 428 888 470

Gold Star Safety & Risk  Consultants

At Gold Star Safety & Risk we utilise the services of a core group of WHS Professionals. All Gold Star Safety & Risk Advisors are personally selected on their specific capabilities to undertake certain work.


Our advisors aspire to the same principles that we apply to ourselves and have the technical support and back up of the organisation.


Gold Star Safety & Risk Consultants have expertise in all areas of safety and environment management systems including but not limited to:

  • Underground Mining and Open Pit Mining
  • Processing
  • Construction (Major Projects)
  • Critical Incident Investigation
  • Project Mobilisation
  • Risk Management
  • Legislative Systems Mapping
  • Power Generation
  • Marine Works
  • Contractor Management
  • Health Services
  • Aged Care Services
  • Electrical
  • Environmental
  • Safety Management
  • Legislative Compliance Auditing

Benefits of Working with Gold Star Safety & Risk

  • Identify any potential issues relating to legislative compliance
  • Ongoing support throughout the term of the placement
  • Internal auditing systems that will identify potential risks
  • Minimised and controlled risk
  • Effective simple and complex safety management systems
  • Safety by design
  • Continuous improvement
  • Operational excellence

Contact Details

Postal Address: PO Box 828

Littlehampton, SA 5250